Pelosky Global Strategies (PGS) utilizes its proprietary Global Risk Nexus (GRN) scoring system to help clients navigate global financial markets. Deep ETF expertise & experience ( ETF STAR) as both an investor in ETFs and as advisor to ETF Strategists allows PGS to provide unparalleled support to clients navigating the active - passive divide. Building on experience gained as a top ranked Global Asset Allocation Strategist at Morgan Stanley, PGS develops unique global insights such as the Tri Polar World (TPW) investment framework to help clients see the investment opportunity set differently.




The TPW framework considers the regional deepening process in the three main regions of Asia, Europe and the Americas. The GRN system analyzes the interplay between economics, politics, policy and markets on both a global and regional basis.  Taken together they form a unique global investment process available only to PGS clients.