World Economic Roundtable, May 2017, New York City
Speaker - Mexico, NAFTA, and the Future of the North American Economy

MSCI US Real Estate Investment Conference, April 2017, New York City
Opening Speaker - Trump, Trade & the Tri Polar World

China Investment Group, March 2017, New York City
Keynote Speaker - US-China Engagement in a Tri Polar World 


Institute for New Economic Thinking, December 2016, New York City
Speaker - The Trump Agenda and the Economic and Investment Outlook for 2017

Free Wealth Investor Conference, December 2016, Hangzhou, China
Keynote Speaker - 2017 Global Investment Outlook

MSCI Institutional Investor Conference, November 2016, Sacramento, California
Keynote Speaker - Global Risk Nexus: Economics, Politics, Policy & Markets 

Inside Smart Beta Conference, September 2016, New York City
Keynote Speaker - The Low Growth, Low Return World & What It Means For the Rise of Passive Investing and Smart Beta

Inside ETF Europe Conference, June 2016, Amsterdam, Holland
Panelist - The Future Of Alternative Strategies

World Economic Roundtable, January 2016, New York City
Speaker - The Economic and Investment Outlook for 2016


JF Forelines Global Investment Management, December, 2015, New York City
Speaker – The Global Battle Between Reflation and Recession

Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights, Compass Conference, December 2015, Washington, DC
Keynote Speaker – Asset Allocation in a Tri Polar World

National Iranian American Council Leadership Conference, October 2015, Washington, DC
Panelist – Gold Rush: Is Iran Open For Business

Morningstar ETF Conference, October 2015, Chicago, Illinois
Panelist – Opportunities for Go Anywhere Portfolios

ETF.Com Global Macro Conference, June 2015, New York City
Panelist – The Map: Geopolitics, Your Portfolio and the Quest for Alpha

World Economic Roundtable, April 2015, New York City
Speaker – The  Emerging Tri Polar World Economy 2.0

Itaú Private Client Conference, March 2015, Miami, Florida
Keynote Speaker – 2015 Outlook: Challenges and Opportunities

Inside ETFs 2015 Outlook Conference, January 2015, Hollywood, Florida
Panelist – Foreign Exchange: World War 3 Ahead?

World Economic Roundtable, January 2015, New York City
Panelist – The 2015 Investment Outlook


Itaú BBA 7th Annual Investor Conference, November 2014, London, UK
Speaker – 2015 Outlook: Tough Choices Ahead

Latin Markets Mexico Investors Forum, November 2014, Mexico City, Mexico
Panelist – Local Markets for International Investors

Latin Markets Pension Fund Conference, August 2014 Santiago, Chile
Panelist – Global Asset Allocation Opportunities

FESA Thought Leader Dinner, May 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Speaker – China, Brazil and the Outlook for the Global Economy

Itaú BBA Annual Investor Conference, May 2014, New York City
Speaker – China’s Slowdown and its Impact on Brazil

Milken Institute Global Conference, April 2014 Los Angeles, CA
Panelist – Emerging Markets: Ready for Steadier Performance?


Bradesco Securities Annual Investor Conference November 2013, New York City
Moderator – Brazil Investment Opportunities

National Economists Club, October 2013, Washington, DC
Speaker – An American Growth Strategy

6th Transatlantic Economic Dialogue, June 2013, Berlin, Germany
Panelist – The US and Europe in Crisis – No End to the Gloom?

New America Foundation Annual Conference, May 2013, Washington, DC
Speaker – America and the World Economy: A Debate with Jason Furman, Chairman of US Council of Economic Advisers

World Economic Roundtable, May 2013, New York City
Speaker – Building a Bridge to a Tri Polar World Economy: An American Growth Strategy

Milken Institute Global Conference, April 2013 Los Angeles, CA
Panelist – Emerging Markets: New Affluence and Influence

World Economic Roundtable, February 2013, New York City
Panelist – Debating America’s Debt and Bond Markets


World Economic Roundtable, March 2012, New York City
Speaker – Growth Scenarios for the World Economy: Policy and Investment Implications

World Economic Roundtable, January 2012, New York City
Speaker – 2012 Macro Trends and Portfolio Investment Strategy

Forlines Global Investment Management Conference, October 2011, New York City
Speaker – Global Investment Outlook